My Example of Custom Arcade Style Joystick - My project.

First of all, the project is very important, take your time to think what you want and what you need. I made schema for the layout, number of joystick, buttons, start and select ... etc ...

First I wanted the joystick to play with my PC, and as I have a PSX, why not to make it for PSX too ! For this, I needed 8 buttons for one joystick and 2 other buttons for the 'start' and 'select' button of the PSX pad. So, 8 active buttons + 2 start-select buttons, that's enough for the PC. I probably not needed so much buttons. (see below)
To start, I went to arcade rooms to have the dimensions of the real arcade joystick and the products used to build it (look the 'Controls' section for those products.)
So, I started to plan my joystick. For one side, I made that picture.


I wanted 2 sides, so just to duplicate the first side to obtain the futur joystick.


After the number of buttons, the layout, I had to decide the correspondence of the PSX pad buttons and arcade style buttons :


To make the connections, I took a PSX pad (no dual shock) that I hacked to integrate to my joystick. More informations on this are in the 'PSX controller' section.

For the PC, I didn't need so much buttons. I looked for a good methode, I find the KE24 encoder and as this encoder has 24 fonctions (see 'KE24 section') here is the active buttons for the PC. The bottom right button isn't valid for PC. You have to add one valid start button on the top :

For PC

Now, with those plans, I could start the construction.

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