My Example of Custom Arcade Style Joystick - KE24 Keyboard Encoder.

For my joystick, I wanted to play, to my PC, some emulators like MAME and NEORAGE
For my joystick I ordered from Hagstrom Electronics for the great KE24FAST keyboard encoder.

See the description of this encoder here.

How I connected the KE24 to the microswitches :

I choose to use the DIRECT mode for the KE24, because it's so simple, you just have to connect inputs to the ground through the microswitch :

Because on DIRECT mode you have 24 possibilities to connect switches ,I choose to use one start button by side and 7 buttons by side. A joystick takes 4 functions, and a button takes one.
It's ok, because this encoder has a passthrough, so all other buttons you need, like config buttons or credit buttons, can be find on your keyboard.

2 x 4 for the 2 joysticks
+ 2 x 7 for all the buttons
+ 2 x 1 for the 2 start buttons
= 24 functions !

On the 8 buttons :
Only 7 are available :

It's nearly the end, but I encountered a problem, look to it, now.

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