My Example of Custom Arcade Style Joystick - The Controls.

For my joystick I ordered from Happ Controls for 20 buttons and 2 joysticks.
I choose Happ Controls because I saw the products used in my local arcade. It's Happ products.
If you're in Europe, like me, you can order from Happ Controls products to Ray Hazelton, the European representative, employed by Happ Controls for Europe.

The 2 joysticks are a 'Super Joystick' and a 'Competition Joystick'.
The buttons are 'Pushbuttons with Horizontal Microswitch'.
I took more articles than I used to prevent some broken pieces. (due to usury, of course !) More buttons, more joysticks and microswitches for pushbuttons and joysticks.

How I connected these products for my joystick :

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